Welcome To Our Home!

Welcome To Our Home!

We are pleased to announce that another critical health care need is successfully being addressed with an innovative twist on an old profession. We are excited to offer On-Site dental care to the residents - and members of the staff - of Assisted Living Homes, Independent Living Homes, Skilled Nursing, Long Term Care Communities, and other Age Qualified Communities. We also provide services to locations of pediatrics and adolescents of any age. Eliminate transportation expenses and enjoy the convenience of the appointment coming to you.

We provide comprehensive dental services with a personal touch! This was conceived for individuals who find it difficult to leave their places of residence or employment, but still desperately need to enhance their health with excellent oral care. We know from experience that many people who have difficulty getting out are in critical need of attention. Tooth decay and gum disease are serious problems that compromise the entire health of an individual.

Our fully equipped mobile dental office is complete with a lift for mobile scooters, wheel chairs, and ambulatory devices. Our staff consists of four doctors, two assistants, and three hygienists. All are caring people and experienced in working with the aging population or anyone who needs that extra personal assistance.

We are excited to offer this service and we are grateful for the tremendous response we are receiving. The staff and the patients alike are enjoying great oral care with the convenience in which it is provided. Please call us, at your convenience, to set up a time to discuss this in more detail and answer any further questions you may have.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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